I.I.S. Leonardo da Vinci  

is a Sicilian VET  school that has been educating students for over 50 years. It's located in Piazza Armerina (EN) and has almost 1.000 students. The students get their education in  five  years. They  are aged between 14-18, and are accepted to the school  after having attended inferior high school.  The Institutes has different training sectors, whose addresses are: 1. Economic  Sector -articulation "Business Information Systems" (former Accounting Programmer); 2. Economic  Sector - articulation: "Administration, Finance and Marketing (former Accounting); 3.Technology Sector - articulation "Construction, Environment and Territory" (former Surveyor);  4.Social Sector; 5 Dental Sector; 6. Electrical and electronics sector.

The school is located in a socially disadvantaged area, because of the high unemployment rate, and the socio - economic environment is a medium-low level. This situation is also reflected in the school where there are some situations of risk of abandonment, school absences , low academic performance of some pupils.  There are, obviously, many talented pupils, but the spirit of the school is to involve ALL students, the most talented both the drop-out, marginalized due to socio - economically situation  disadvantaged, vulnerable people easy prey for active and passive bullying , boys who,  if no helped and supported,  may not have any benefit educational institution rather than worsen their marginal position in relation to society.