1° Kick-off Meeting (3/4 November 2016 - Piazza Armerina, Enna, Italy).


It was hosted and organized by the Applicant,  and it took place at the school "I.I.S. Leonardo Da Vinci".

The aim of the 1st meeting was to make clear the objectives of the project, to make sure that all partners understand the tasks and to get to know each other better, to define a quality assurance plan,  to planning  and coordination purposes.

It was also a preparatory meeting  in view of comparative research on state of art and need analisys,  choice of the logo project,  implementation of the project web site  and FB page. 

After the first meeting, each VET partner introduce his students to the project, talking about main aims and tasks of the multilateral partnership within Erasmus + and introducing all the other  partners . The students ear about the innovative method of teaching/learning called "Flipped Classroom" and learn how they will be using it.

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