Trollaskagi Comprehensive College in North Iceland- Iceland


The Tröllaskagi School began operating in the autumn of 2010.  It functions under Iceland's newest legislation for education and provides more flexibility in study options. It is an innovative schools based on the use of digital tools and new methods, such as Flipped Learing. The school offers an ambitious program with diverse teaching methods that focus on student performance and independence. The school's objective is to prepare students (typically ages 16-20) for university study.  This is accomplished by having them complete their work through an efficient schedule that focuses on their needs in three major areas: learning under teacher supervision, self-study with access to learning materials, and distance learning. 

Self-management is the core virtue of this approach, as the power to learn is placed primarily in the students' hands. The bulk of the learning materials exist in the online teaching program of the school, “Moodle.”  This includes all instructions and details of the assignments, along with instructions on how to access reading materials that are not in textbooks or in the online teaching program.