Portucalense University Infante D. Henrique (UPT)

is a private higher education institution, created in June of 1986, located in Porto.

UPT is organized across four Departments: 1) Law, 2) Psychology and Education, 3) Tourism, heritage and culture and 4) Economy, management and computing; and teaches 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle courses and post graduate courses, structured according to the Bologna Process.

UPT aims to be a model in higher education, taking advantage of its inter-departmental synergies. In addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, students have opportunities to develop practical work and research projects, developing a whole range of skills that will prepare them for jobs in future careers and for life in a competitive global society.

UPT has about 2000 Students. The employability rate depends on the area of studies; in ICT area there is 100% of employability.

It is also our priority to promote and maintain relationships with overseas universities with which we have partnerships, and to extend further our network both in Europe and other countries.

The university is very active in establishing partnerships with the enterprises in the region. This collaboration is established mainly through Internships in companies which are offered to students as part of their curriculum in most of the courses. There is also a significant number of Seminars offered by companies as well as extracurricular activities. Some companies provide equipment for the computer labs and their business information systems software for students work.