25-26/ Jun 2018

Final Conference

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14-18/May 2018

2nd short term joint staff training event and 2nd Blended Mobility of VET learners in Athens- Greece

From the 14th to the 18th of May, the second training for teachers and the second mobility of students within the project InTeMIS took place in Athens.

It was hosted by Action Synergy.  


During the training students and teachers from Trollaskagi Comprehensive College from Iceland and Leonardo Da Vinci VET school from Italy exchanged their best practices and their experience concerning flipped learning. Teacher from Keilir (Iceland) ‎Sigrún Ólafsdóttir together with Arnbjorn Olafsson leaded the training course on flipped, while Action Synergy delivered training session on the use of ITC tools. Essenia UETP from Italy had the management responsibility.


Students and teachers were presented exampled of the flipped learning technique, they were introduced to some theory and, most importantly, they participated in a workshop in which they created their own flipped courses examples which they presented to their teachers.
Next up for InTeMIS is the final project meeting in June.

14-15/Feb 2018

3rd Transnational Management Meeting - Reykjavik, Iceland

The 3rd meeting was hosted by the partner Keilir in Keflavik (Iceland) from the 14th to the 15th February 2018.

24-28/Oct 2017

1st short term joint staff training event and 1st Blended Mobility of VET learners in El Rompido - Spain

The first training for the teachers was held in October 2017. Teachers and trainers from the Institute ‘IIS Da Vinci’, Essenia UETP, Keilir and MTR met in El Rompido, Spain, hosted by the project partner Inercia Digital. The ten participants had a five-day course focused on Flipped Method,  and had the occasion to get to know this teaching method from representatives from Keilir and MTR, organizations with a great expertise in implementing it, while Inercia Digital, dealing with digital education, offered its knowledge on useful ICT tools to use for lesson preparation.

The first mobility of VET learners was carried out  simultaneously  to  the  first  training  course for teachers in October 2017 in Spain. Five students from IIS Da Vinci and five from MTR were involved in the experimentation of activities with flipped method, using ICT tools and apps to produce video lessons. A fruitful exchange between the Icelandic students, already familiar with the method and the Italian ones, at their first experience with flipping took place. Furthermore, the experience was for them the occasion for improving their communication skills in English, their intercultural competences and know a bit more of foreign cultures, including the one of the hosting Country, Spain.

10-11/Apr 2017

2nd Transnational Meeting (Porto - Portugal)

03-04/Nov 2016

1st Transnational Meeting - Piazza Armerina (Sicily - Italy)

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