The tangible results of the project will be:

Comparative research on innovative education in Europe,use of Flipped method and VET teachers and trainers' needs

  • Project web site and Facebook page

  • 1 Training course on "Innovative teaching: pedagogical and technological aspects"

  • 1 Training course on "Implementation and evaluation methods of the flipped classroom".

  • Digital  tools for English Language in flipped (Video, Audio, Interactive exercises,  Anglo-saxon culture) 

  • Guidelines for the implementation of blended learning environments


The expected intangible results from the present application can be itemized as follows:

  • give Vet teachers and trainers the opportunity of information / training to enable the implementation of innovative English teaching methods

  • support teachers in experimenting with innovative teaching approaches with the aim,of  connecting formal and informal learning;

  • encourage the establishment of international working groups also able to carry out experiments on the long term

  • foster the exchange of best practices, innovative ideas and materials between European institutions in order to outline educational offerings based on common indicators

  • promote cooperation in the long term between national and foreign schools

  • support, promote and encourage the use of the most innovative information technologies

  • encourage teachers to the study of the English language

  • increase the attractiveness of the school which will  use the flip method and consequently enlarge the number of the students choosing this innovative  school

  • Reduce the school drop-out rates

Therefore  there will be also an  impact on the staff of the partner organisations:

  • team of each partner organisation widens the knowledge in the specific thematic sections that the other partners were responsible for:

    • the teams gain new experience in the project regarding educational methods, international cooperation etc.

    • the partner organisations will be able to run the created educational program as a part of their educational portfolio.


Guidelines for blended Learning

Valorisation of the IN.TE.M.I.S. project delivery of courses on 'Flipped Method'

Final Conference Material


Conference Program

Project Presentation_IIS Da Vinci

Research on training needs_Essenia

Implementation of Flipped Method_KEILIR

E-learning and blended learning_UPT

Innovation at school_the experience of MTR in Iceland _MTR

New Techologies for Teaching and Learning_Inercia Digital

Tools&resources for implementing Flipped Learning_ACTION SINERGY

Implementing good practices_IIS DA VINCI

Local Courses on Flipped Method_ESSENIA UETP

Conclusions_Essenia UETP

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